Trevor Lee | @trevorleemusic

Trevor Lee insists he’s just an average man pursuing common goals; health, wealth, and happiness. In this, is the foundation of his life and music. To his neighbors he’s a family man and friend; quiet and private. After seeing him around his local community, you’d never suspect what lies beneath.

What you don’t see, is Trevor’s battle with t-cell non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. After being diagnosed in 2015, he has undergone over 67 in-hospital treatments to no avail. However, after experiencing him live in concert, you’d second guess his diagnosis.

He says his happiness rests in his ability to share his story, that it might encourage others in their own personal battles. The message, “Struggle ain’t new, and you’re not alone.”

Trevor Lee’s new album is meant to encourage and strengthen listeners’ daily resolve. The perfect playlist itself; genres include EDM, Dubstep, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, & Pop.




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