Fusion Talk Show


Teenagers are faced with life-changing choices and the consequences almost every day. Many teens are seeking answers to difficult questions such as sex, self-esteem, and how to deal with the pressures of school. Research shows that teens want compassionate understanding and an attentive ear from their parents and adults.

Fusion Talk Show, as seen on People TV and Kweli.TV,  is designed to provide an informative platform consisting of a panel of mentors and professionals that will allow teens to express their issues. The vision of Fusion Talk Show is to open the lines of communication and bridge the gap between teens and adults.


In an effort to promote positive television, Fusion Talk Show, a talk show produced in Atlanta, has partnered with kweliTV to air their episodes on their innovative platform. Topics covered include everyday life for youth, sexual reality, ways to positively use social media, resume and interview tips, money management, and how to use your voice to make a change in this social justice movement.

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kweliTV is an interactive streaming video platform and app that documentaries, news programs, original docu-series, educational content and independent films of the global black community accessible on demand through Smart TVs, Internet TV devices, tablets, smartphones and the computer. kweliTV’s purpose is to enhance knowledge, encourage self-empowerment, and promote positive change within the global black community through challenging, inspiring and thought-provoking video content.

To learn more about kweliTV and to subscribe visit www.kweli.tv.


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